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Our Ministries

Healing Prayer 

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The Chapel of Saint Andrew believes strongly in the healing power of the Holy Spirit - for the healing of mind, spirit, and body. Examples abound among the congregation of those who have overcome illness, discomfort, depression and troubled times - and attribute that recovery in large measure because of the prayers they received from friends in faith.

 The Order of St. Luke is a Christian healing ministry and fellowship of 1) professional people in all phases of medical work,  2) clergy in the ministry of the Roman, Orthodox, Anglican, and Protestant Churches, and  3) lay people from all walks of life who believe that the healing ministry of Jesus Christ belongs in the church today. For more information about this ministry, contact Emily Nell Lagerquist:   


The Daughters of the King  is an order for women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church. Daughters pledge themselves to a life-long program of prayer, service and evangelism.


To have the name of a friend, loved one or stranger placed on our prayer list for regular remembrance during our week, please contact the Chapel office at (561) 210-2700

Wedding Ministry

The Chapel's Wedding Ministry is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.  Although the Chapel  is an Episcopal church, our Wedding Chapel is open and available to all faith communities for both weddings and receptions.

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Altar Guild


The Altar Guild exists to assist the clergy, to assure a proper setting tor each service so that the members of the congregation can worship with ease and dignity. Every Sunday and every season of the church calendar is taken into consideration as the altar guild quietly works in reverence to prepare the altar and the Chapel’s  furnishings. During Christmas and Easter, the altar guild works especially hard to create the “WOW” effect for the congregation and visitors to the Chapel.

Episcopal Church Women


We, the Episcopal Church Women, are called into action to bring Christ to all people.  We are committed to empower Christ's mission in this world through love, service, prayer, study and fellowship by respecting the individuality and diversity of all God's Children.  Our fundraising throughout the year is all sent into action to support ministries both within and outside of our parish at the end of each year.  Join us!  We invite all women of the parish. Bring a friend or neighbor!  Our GOALS:
Outreach - Invitation - Fellowship  
Spiritual Growth - FUN!!!

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Outreach Ministries


  • This program provides week-end meals for over 100 students at Hammock Pointe Elementary in west Boca. This year, milk, fruit, and two additional snacks have been added to cereal and 4 microwavable entrees.


  • This Ministry provides interaction between Chapel members and the hungry individuals who solicit help from motorists.Plastic bags are filled with food, water and utensils for distribution  to these individuals by Chapel members (from their vehicles).



  • The 1st Sunday of each month we collect non-perishable items and school snacks food for St. Matthew's Food Pantry in Delray Beach. 

Family Promise of South Palm Beach County is a multi faith organization that addresses homelessness in South Palm Beach County. The Chapel and Saint Andrews School have teamed up to take an active part in this initiative by serving 4 weeks each year during which we prepare meals, play with the kids, help with homework, and spend the night with our Family Promise guests. This is truly a grass roots ministry. If Family Promise was not available, these families would be homeless.  The Family Promise program ensures that participants progress into permanent work and housing as quickly as possible (on average 45 days) and their success rate is 80%.  Family Promise's slogan is, "Every Child Deserves a Home."  The hard work and dedication of the Chapel of Saint Andrew Family Promise Team is helping homeless families in our area.

For more information about this ministry, contact Will or Cheryl Harman:

Family Promise

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Medical Information in an Emergency & Getting Help to You

“Knowing a patient’s medical information in advance can mean the difference between life and death when caring for patients in an emergency.”  –Sheri Scarborough Pres. West Boca Community Council

Download or Print these blank forms, fill them out and keep copies with you (home and car).  

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